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Our 3-Week Program   

    Taking Your Lifestyle Management Regimen To the Next Level  

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The key to overcoming cancer isn’t just about medical treatment, it’s about making your body less hospitable                        to cancer cell growth. 

The Center for Cancer Lifestyle Management (CCLM) has created an intensive 3-week program to take your lifestyle regimen to the next level. Whether you’re at a place where you have no evidence of disease (NED) and are concerned with staving off a recurrence or still dealing with active disease, the program is designed to be of use to you.

You'll learn both big and small ways to fine-tune your "food as medicine" routine. Our enhanced nutrition experts have a vast and keen knowledge of the impact that food has on the body and of the targeted use of supplements. Anyone on our team will be able to explain to you what they recommend based on peer-reviewed published data. At CCLM we lean hard on research.

You'll also be given a "toolkit" to "unpack" issues that have been weighing you down for years - what we call short-term strategies for long-term issues. At CCLM we emphasize the importance that mindset and emotional wellbeing have on every cell in your body. We believe, if your emotional health is compromised (unresolved trauma, depression, anxiety, loneliness, limited social connection) so is your ability to heal.

You'll be able to immediately put into practice what you're learning in a variety of stress reduction and movement classes and in an emotional wellbeing breakout group.


And There is Much More...... 

“Yoga, Meditation, Emotional Wellbeing and Stress Reduction for Better Health.”


All of our programming is meant to build a strong sense of "tribe" in the small cohort that you will "travel" with during this intensive. A recording will be made available for sessions that if you need to miss a session. 

Please read about the program below in further detail and feel free to be in touch should you have questions.

*If you have out-of-network insurance benefits, subject to the terms of your policy, the cost of the program should be reimbursable.

Program Overview

This 3-week immersive experience offers a systematic overview of 6 Key Areas of Lifestyle Management that work synergistically together to Improve Immune System Function, Decrease Inflammation, Improve the Metabolism of Whole Nutrients, and Optimize your Body’s wellness to thwart cancer cell growth.


Attend workshops that address the impact of 6 “gateways” to your body...

  • Emotional Wellbeing

  • Social Wellbeing and Connection

  • Stress Reduction

  • Enhanced Nutrition

  • Movement and Physical Exercise

  • Positive Mindset

Each workshop is set up to allow plenty of time for Q & A where you can inquire about your individual circumstances. 


Participate in cancer-specific stress reduction activities and physical movement classes...

  • Two yoga classes to practice movement and breathing techniques.

  • Three meditation sessions to help promote inner peace and calm.

  • A movement class to take you through easy to implement physical movement routines

  • An Emotional Wellbeing breakout group led by a psychologist aimed at helping you to “unpack” some of the turmoil you’ve been carrying around in a highly targeted way.


In Total - The Program Includes... 

  • Six Workshops 

  • 2 Yoga Classes

  • 3 Meditation Sessions 

  • A Movement Class

  • An Emotional Wellbeing Session


All delivered in a small group setting so a participant's individual situation can be addressed. 


The experience will deepen your knowledge of your specific lifestyle management needs so you can feel more informed and confident about making decisions about your health, whether you are new to the subject or already have a sophisticated sense of these content areas. We think you will see that our team of experts have an amazing breadth and depth of knowledge and are easy to relate to. 

Program Cost: $425

3 Weeks - 6 hours per week – 18 hours in total

(A recording will be made available if you're unable to  attend a session).


**Some or all of the program cost may be reimbursable if you have Out-of-Network Insurance Benefits (upon completion of attendance you'll be given an invoice that you can submit to your insurance company).


More Information

Online Programming Due to COVID-19

March 7th - March 23rd:

  • 3 Consecutive Sundays from 10-2pm EST (3/7, 14, 21)

  • 3 Consecutive Tuesdays Evenings from 6-8pm EST. (3/9, 16, 23)

The workshops will be led by the CCLM team, including...

Cindy Ness, Ph.D, Ed.D..

Executive Director

Theo Hanson

Director of Lifestyle Care

Sonia Satra

Director of Movement

Harold Brodsky

Senior Advisor

Bobby Marchand

Yoga Instructor

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