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CCLM graduates share their insight & experiences.

"While Cindy’s credentials and professional experience are unassailable, it is her warmth and humanity that has made our work together so rewarding and profitable for me. Perhaps the greatest benefit I’ve received from our work together is the certainty that in Cindy I have found an advocate, someone who champions my path to wellness, and whose support is unwavering." 

-Jim C.

"Dr. Ness has made a tremendous impact on my life. While my diagnosis is one that I have to live with, her unfailing solution-based perspective kept me fighting when it seemed all hope was gone. She is resourceful in finding options to make progress in large and small ways, and to emotionally stay sane in the process. I highly recommend her work." 

-Lisa O.

"I have worked with Dr. Cindy Ness for many years.  She is very sharp, a great listener, empathetic and very funny. Cindy is truly a mental health expert who draws on her training and experience and creativity to help her clients.  Cindy is skilled at working with other health and wellness professionals to provide a holistic coordinated approach to wellbeing."

-Inna I.

“Dr. Ness has an uncanny ability to strike the perfect balance between jumping in with an incisive question, hypothesis or action plan, or simply stepping back to give me space to decipher meaning. Even better, she often finds a way to do it with humor!  I trust her completely.”

-Katherine E.

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