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Our Model of Care

We offer services in the six areas below to promote healing, lower your odds of recurrence, and move you toward wellness.

Model of Care

Emotional Wellbeing

If your emotional health is compromised, so is your ability to fight off disease. We help people "unpack" the emotional issues that factor negatively into their healing, and to capitalize on the benefits that positive emotions have for physical health.

CCLM Offerings:
  • Individual Counseling Sessions

  • Couples Counseling Sessions

  • Emotional Wellbeing Workshops

  • Support Groups

Social Wellbeing

Studies show that social connection is a strong protective factor when it comes to staving off recurrence. We help people build-out a robust social connection/support plan to enhance their healing.  

CCLM Offerings:
  • Social Wellbeing Workshops

  • CCLM Community Events

  • Cohort or 'Tribe" Activities

Stress Management

Mindfulness-based stress reduction has consistently been found to have a significant positive effect on overall mental health, particularly with regard to anxiety and depression. We work with you to learn restorative techniques of deep relaxation that protect the body from the effects of stress and provide a range of classes.

CCLM Offerings:
  • Meditation

  • Yoga

  • Stress Management Workshops

  • Enhancing Your Spirit

Enhanced Nutrition

We are what we eat - the cells of our food get broken down and transformed into the cells of our bodies.  Our licensed nutritionists help create an eating regimen that maximizes efficient use of nutrients in the diet to reduce inflammation, promote insulin reduction, and help the body heal.

CCLM Offerings:
  • Individual Nutritional Counseling

  • Supplement Regimen 

  • 'Enhanced Nutrition' Workshops

  • Plant-based Cooking Demonstrations

Exercise & Movement

Physical activity/exercise slows down the release of stress-related hormones and has been shown to both lower cancer risk and illness in general. We help people design the movement program that is right for them and provide a variety of classes for them to attend.

CCLM Offerings:
  • Gentle Movement Classes

  • Physical Movement Workshops

  • Full Range of Exercise Classes

  • Online Exercise during COVID 19

Positive Mindset

Numerous studies have documented the importance of living with a positive mindset, or said another way, having strong reasons for living. Cancer "thrivers" have been shown to have a strong sense of purpose and belief that their condition is not permanent. While a cancer diagnosis is never welcome, we work with you to "translate" this moment in your life into a "turn point" which embellishes the life you have, or leads you to create the life you want. 

CCLM Offerings:
  • Positive Mindset Workshops

  • Cancer as a "Turn Point" Workshop 

  • Positive Cognition Workshop

  • Building Your Cancer Care "A-Team"

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