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Staving Off Recurrence: 4-Week Intensive Program

Using Lifestyle Management to Improve Cancer Outcomes

Model of Care

Diet Plan

The 4-Week Program is an excellent option for anyone who has heard the words, “You Have Cancer,"  though it places a special emphasis on staving off recurrence for those who are post-treatment with no evidence of disease (NED). Often when conventional treatment ends, the only “plan” that someone is left with is to wait-and-see. In contrast, at CCLM, we believe that if you are told you are “NED," it is the most opportune time to get ahead of the curve. Recurrent cancer is very often even more difficult to treat.

Like all CCLM programming, the 4-Week Intensive aims to create a customized lifestyle regimen geared toward optimizing your body’s wellness and making it less hospitable to cancer cell growth. It will also seek to deepen your knowledge of how and why lifestyle management can support better cancer outcomes so that you can feel informed and confident with regard to making decisions about your health. It is shaped by research published in mainstream journals, which supports the importance of reducing inflammation, strengthening your immune system, and lowering your insulin resistance, among other things, all shown capable of being realized through lifestyle management. 


At CCLM, we strongly believe that everyone should receive a complete approach to cancer care that includes supporting the person “behind” the patient.

Program Components and Objectives

The 4-Week Program spans the realms of six specific areas– emotional wellbeing, social connection, the body’s stress-response system, nutritional intake, physical activity, and positive cognitions.


Physiologically, the objective of the program is to support you on the road to attaining a more efficient immune system, reduce inflammation, reduce stress, and to facilitate better intestinal absorption of whole food nutrients, among other things. 

Emotionally, the program begins to identify and address the depression, anxiety, fear, and regret that often emerge with a cancer diagnosis, along with the longstanding emotional issues that can weigh people down for years. It helps you begin to “unpack” and “repack” the significant trauma of life-altering emotional moments in your life.

Building Community

We realize that a diagnosis of cancer can make you feel like your world has been turned upside down. At CCLM we offer the folks who walk through our doors a community where they can feel known by others going through many of the same things. Even for those who already enjoy a strong social network, finding a like-minded cohort can strengthen resolve. If cancer is anything, it's a long haul.

What to Expect

In the context of a small-group cohort, your individualized program - 10 hours a week over three days - offers over 35 touchpoints via individual and virtual group sessions over 4 weeks.

  • Introductory individual consultation with team leader including lab review


  • An Emotional Wellbeing Workshop that covers informational key concepts and an experiential analysis of your personal situation


  •  One individual Emotional Wellbeing counseling session 


  •  A Social Wellbeing Workshop that covers key concepts related to the biology of social connection and how it mitigates cancer


  • A Stress Reduction Workshop that explains the impact that stress has on cancer biology and outcome with the opportunity to discuss your own personal circumstances


  • Stress reduction classes including Meditation and Yoga to address your stress needs - one class per week & 4 in total


  • An Enhanced Nutrition Workshop that provides an overview of key concepts


  • One individual nutrition session to set up your customized program


  • Four Physical Movement and Exercise Workshops that include discussions regarding the importance of exercise on your biology 


  • A Positive Mindset Workshop that illuminates the powerful role of mental attitude, quality of life, and longevity


  • One individual Mindset Consultation to focus on your particular needs

  • Various cohort events and activities meant to build “tribe,” including 8 Q&A sessions

We invite you to examine the programming on our website and contact us with any questions that you might have. We will respond with compassion and our staff will work with you in a warm, caring, and supportive way.

8-Week Program
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