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Cancer Lifestyle Management Bootcamp

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Program Description

Cancer treatment isn’t just about surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. It's about making your body less vulnerable to cancer cell growth. -- Our Cancer Lifestyle Management Bootcamp will take you on a deep exploration of how emotional, social, physical, nutritional, stress response, and positive mindset factors can contribute to turning on or off the cellular changes that underwrite cancer progression and explain why they should be a major part of any contemporary cancer treatment strategy. This two-day program is right for anyone who has heard the words “You Have Cancer." – whether you have no evidence of disease (NED) and are concerned with staving off a recurrence or are still dealing with active disease. Learn ways to maximize the effectiveness of the medical treatment you've chosen to pursue - whether conventional, integrative, or naturopathic. Gain the knowledge you need to develop a research-driven cancer lifestyle management regimen or to take the one you have to the next level. The CCLM team brings a rarely encountered range and depth of expertise to the table which embraces all the fundamental pillars of cancer lifestyle health - and all in one setting. PROGRAM OVERVIEW This two-day immersive experience will offer you a systematic overview of 6 Key Areas of Lifestyle Management that work together to Improve immune system function, decrease inflammation, improve the metabolism of whole nutrients, and optimize your body’s wellness to thwart cancer cell growth. THIS PROGRAM INCLUDES... Workshops that address, in detail, six “gateways” to your biochemistry: • Emotional Wellbeing • Social Wellbeing • Stress Reduction • Enhanced Nutrition • Movement and Exercise • Positive Mindset Additional Workshops cover: • Supplements • Lab Tests that Monitor Your Progress • Incorporating Lifestyle Management with Conventional Treatment • The Significance of Meditation including a Meditation Session. Each workshop is designed to allow plenty of time for Q&A where you can inquire about your individual circumstances. If you have any questions, be sure to contact us: -- Learn more about us:

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