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I'm Dr. Cindy Ness, a Harvard-trained psychologist and University of Pennsylvania trained anthropologist and the Executive Director of The Center for Cancer Lifestyle Management (CCLM).

My introduction to the world of cancer was an outgrowth of my own cancer diagnosis in 2018. After surgery and radiation, I did what I could to cobble together a regimen with the goal of lessening the likelihood of recurrence.

Immersed in a sea of competing and conflicting health claims and with no unified guidance post-treatment, I began to envision the program that I wished I could have found for myself – bringing together the care that I wanted all under one roof. This was to become The Center for Cancer Lifestyle Management.

At the Center for Cancer Lifestyle Management (CCLM), we believe that all data-driven strategies shown to slow or reverse cancer progression or stave off its recurrence should be made available to anyone who hears the words "You have cancer". We believe that the growing body of scientific research which documents the significance that social connection, emotional well-being, stress management, plant "driven" nutrition, physical activity, and positive mindset all have on improving cancer outcome, makes these areas critical and necessary components of contemporary cancer treatment - not "alternative" or "complementary" to patient care.

Our program incorporates the above six essential factors to maximize the effectiveness of the medical treatment that a patient has chosen to pursue - whether conventional, integrative, or naturopathic.

If you are trying to stave off recurrence or dealing with active evidence of disease, CCLM will partner with you to design a personalized lifestyle-management plan that addresses the specific needs of your individual biology and diagnosis. We offer a full range of stress management, nutrition, movement classes, social and emotional support services, and various cancer-education workshops that you need to support your recovery.

We invite you to explore our website and take a close look at our philosophy and the programming that we offer.

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