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    The Center for Cancer Lifestyle Management

Using Lifestyle Management to Improve Cancer Outcomes

The key to a positive cancer outcome isn't limited to your medical care, it's also about optimizing your body's wellness and making it less hospitable to cancer cell growth. We work closely with our patients to maximize the effectiveness of the medical treatment they've chosen to pursue - whether conventional, integrative, or naturopathic - by addressing the impact of emotional, social, physical, dietary, stress load, and positive mindset factors on their health.

CCLM offers highly customized programming in each of the six areas above - all in one location - with a dedicated focus on care coordination and taking the confusion out of often competing and conflicting healing claims.  

Our program is shaped by research published in mainstream scientific journals which document the significance that lifestyle management can have on cancer outcome.


Upcoming: It's Your Health Series

Tuesday, November 9th

8pm to 9pm EST

Depression and Cancer: 

What the current research says

Stay tuned for more details. 

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

At the Center for Cancer Lifestyle Management (CCLM), we believe that all data-driven strategies shown to slow or reverse cancer progression or stave off its recurrence should be made available to anyone who hears the words "You have cancer". We believe that the growing body of scientific research which documents the significance that social connection, emotional well-being, stress management, plant "driven" nutrition, physical activity, and a sense of greater purpose all have on improving cancer outcome, makes these areas critical and necessary components of contemporary cancer treatment - not "alternative" or "complementary" to patient care. Our program incorporates these six essential factors to maximize the effectiveness of the medical treatment you've chosen to pursue - whether conventional, integrative, or naturopathic. 

Lifestyle-Management Programming

CCLM partners with you to design a personalized lifestyle-management plan that addresses the specific needs of your individual biology and diagnosis. We offer a full range of stress management, nutrition, movement classes, social and emotional support services, and various cancer-education workshops that you need to support your recovery. Services are available in either a whole program or an a-la-carte format. CCLM staff will communicate with your physicians to ensure that your care is coordinated, not fragmented. Please see our program offerings for details.

 A Place to Emotionally Heal

CCLM provides psychotherapy that is attuned to the depression, anxiety, fear, and regret that often emerge with a cancer diagnosis, along with the longstanding emotional issues that often weigh people down for years. We are committed to helping those diagnosed with cancer to focus on how improving their overall emotional state could boost their immune system. Our licensed therapists provide individual, couples, and group counseling that is oriented to help you heal emotionally while integrating important lifestyle changes.

Knowing That You're Not Alone

We realize that a diagnosis of cancer can make you feel like your world has been turned upside down. An important part of what we do at CCLM is help build community for the folks who walk through our doors. Even for those who already enjoy a strong social network, finding a like-minded cohort can strengthen resolve. If cancer is anything, it's a long haul. We invite you to examine the programming on our website and contact us with any questions that you might have. We will respond with compassion and our staff will work with you in a warm, caring, and supportive way.

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